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Grandview Garden Club

We would love to plant a small orchard of dwarf apples trees on a bare stretch of lawn alongside the front of Grandview School. Apples are perfect for us to grow because most children love apples, apples are harvested in the fall when the children are back in school and the science curriculum for our school includes the life cycle of plants using the apple as its illustrative example. Our existing edible garden currently only grows strawberries and melons. Our county was once a vibrant apple growing region and apples are part of our history. A part of the social studies unit on "our community" is about Rockland County as an apple growing region.

The Maintenance and Grounds Department of the school district supports this idea and will assist us by clearing the turf, turning the soil, amending it if needed, and digging the holes. They will also supply compost and mulch. Our children will assist in planting the trees and mulching the ground. They will participate in protecting the young tree trunks with guards and watering regularly until school ends. We will work to get a drip irrigation system donated or alternately get the apple trees donated to maximize the effectiveness of the funds should we be fortunate enough to be awarded this grant.

With this small apple orchard we will have a "living learning laboratory" just outside our door that will be frequently used by our teachers as a field trip for observation and documentation. Our science curriculum for the first, second and third grades (the only grades in our school) included parts of a plant and its life cycle. We will watch the trees as they bud and blossom and in the fall harvest and eat the apples. The neediest will bring apples home to their families.

Where it's at:

151 Grandview Avenue
Monsey, NY 10952
United States

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school/youth garden

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Garden beneficiaries:

children and families

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What this project needs:

fruit trees
watering hose
irrigation system

Project leaders:

Ellen Spergel and Ronald Spergel
Robin Eifert

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