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George Washington Carver School Garden

The main motivation of re-starting our community garden at the school was after the school did not receive the renewal of the fresh fruit and vegetable grant (we missed it by one percent of free and reduced meals notifications).  After watching the students trying and enjoying different fruits and vegetables when we had the grant, we found out that many of the students didn't eat fresh fruit and vegetables at home because they are too costly.  With that information, we knew we had the keep the interest of the students to keep eating healthy, and that led to rejuvinating the garden.  We never expected the students to enjoy gardening as much as they did, but then we also realized that they don't have this opportunity at home because most of them live in apartments or trailers.  The garden has not only impacted the lives of those who participated first hand, but it has brought a rejuvenation among other teachers to participate more and bring their classrooms outside and enjoy what we have been doing. We also saw an impact among the adults who helped us last year as many of them started a garden at their own homes and brought in what they grew at home to our classroom.  The garden has been an instrumental instructional tool because it let our students participate in activities first hand that they have never encountered before.  They now get to play in dirt, plant seeds, take care of it, and then harvest the vegetables they grew themselves.  We also have used the garden to teach all the students in the school how to use recycled products like milk cartons and start their own gardens at home.  We have also incorporated the nationally recognized "Growing Healthy Habits" curriculum which reinforces Maryland's Core Curriculum.

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46155 Carver School Blvd.
Lexington Park, MD 20653
United States

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school/youth garden

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at-risk youth and children

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Lisa McCoy
Annette Wood

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