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Gacharage community demonstration garden

Gacharage community demonstration garden is a local community and Organic Agriculture Centre of Kenya initiated project based in Murang’a county in Kenya. The main economic activity in the project area is tea farming. The local communities are always pre-occupied with tea farming activities leaving very little or no time for other agricultural activities such as vegetable gardening. Despite  the area being a high potential for food production, more than 90% of the food consumed in this area is imported from other regions and it normally come with high prices which is normally associated with long distance, and  the food brought in the area is grown using toxic chemicals and fertilizers that provide very high health risk to the local communities when they consume it.  

The goal of the project is to establish a community demonstration garden that will be planted with different types of native food crops in order for the local community to learn from the site. Majority of the commuties think that it is only tea farming that can thrive in the area and the project will seek to change this mentality by providing practical gardens that are visible to everyone.

The Organic Agriculture Centre of Kenya will provide the necessary expertise and information while the local communities will provide land and labor for the project work. The local communities will benefit with gardening skills applied in the garden and they will use this skills to construct new gardens at their home. There will be also a public field day on the site where the people not involved in project work will be invited to come and learn from the site and they will greatly help in disseminating the information far and wide.

Where it's at:

Po box 69

Garden type:

demonstration/education garden

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Garden beneficiaries:

food insecure people and families

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Project leaders:

David Karanja
Stephen Wainaina

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