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Friends, Family and Fun 4-H Garden Project

Our gardening program consists of individual raised beds located at the youth members homes and at a youth group community site. We are using 3x5 raised beds. Each of of our children currently have 1 or 2 beds, and the community group has 4. Our kids have loved learning about gardening and raising their own food. They and their families have bennefited from the abundance of fresh picked vegetables. As we are a 4-H club, our members have exhibited their produce in the county fairs. Our community garden allowed our 4-H members the opportunity to teach the Church Youth Group about gardening. Setting up 4 raised beds and using the produce for the youth functions, families, and shared with the Ladies Circle in providing for community functions. We all want to expand the program this year, by adding additional raised beds, planting more, and sharing more. The children are learning about growing, cooking and preserving their own food. Saving food for their families winter use, and donating excess into the community. We as leaders, are using the gardening to teach. Subjects such as general science, math, biology, and food preservation are being taught in a hands on format. Our older children are assisting with the younger and showing parents what they have learned, thus entering into the level of Jr. Leadership. All of our membership want to expand their gardens, and their volume of product. In addition to providing safe, healthy food for their families, they all want to have volume enough to set up for contribution into our community for  those who are not able to produce, or can not afford to purchase fresh produce.

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149 E. Main St
South Paris, ME 04281
United States

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multi-site gardens

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children and families

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Barbara E. Whittemore
Sarah Burdick

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KGI is a nonprofit community of over 30,000 people who are growing some of our own food and helping others to do the same.  

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Kitchen Gardeners International
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