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Englewood Drop-In Services Community Garden

The project will be called Englewood Drop-In Services Community Garden. The goal of our project is to educate adults with mental health conditions to achieve a public garden that they have participated in building, growing and then take what they have learned and help build one for their family. The project will be able to provide an opportunity for individuals suffering from a mental health condition to try the healthy foods that they may not be able to afford. The project would start with removing the soil from two different areas of our property, so we could build two raised beds in those locations. We then would be tilling the soil so we could plant the seedlings and seeds.  The individuals would then learn how to water and take care of the garden as needed.   At the end of the season the individuals would learn how to prepare the raised beds for winter by fertilizing and covering it with straw. 

Restoration Society, Inc. (RSI) has been providing cutting edge services to adults with mental health conditions to be successful and satisfied in their own communities with their families for 40 years in Erie County.  Englewood Drop-In Services (EDS) provides service to about 30 to 50 individuals and serve lunch to about 20 to 30 individuals daily Monday-Friday. Having this community garden would enhance the meals that we are able to provide to our individuals. EDS believes that extending access to fresh produce doesn’t just support health and wellness at home, but also strengthens the communities by empowering families struggling with food.

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66 Englewood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14214
United States

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community garden

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Mental Health Conditions and homeless people

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Michelle Scheib
Felix Williams

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