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Emerson Eldorado School Garden

This is our school garden which was a preschool swimming pool some times ago. We filled it up with soil and decided to grow strawberries, then we added on and it became an important part of our school curriculum in sciences and health courses. Last summer the third grade class painted the outside wall and experimented mural painting as you could see in one of the attached pictures. Also our elementary and high school students use  our garden vegetables to learn how to cook healthy dishes in our school kitchen. The children are putting new Amend fertilizer in the spring, planting the seeds, watering, watching the growing, taking out the weeds, and harvesting for our kitchen. We share the extra vegetables with the teachers, administrators, and families. Our 89-year old director and owner of the school loves to eat our organic garden grown food with the students. The kitchen garden is part of our school philosophy.  Cooking and learning how to eat healthy are some of the goals of our vegetable garden. Our cooking class is very busy during summer making ratatouille, our students' favorite dish!  Since the school doesn't have much funds to provide for our garden, I donate from my paycheck for the seeds and the soil.  As a French teacher the garden vegetables and fruits help teaching the French tradition of cooking, enhance the knowledge of foreign  language, and furthermore the geography, history, and science. The school garden inspires for our future generation. It brings the love of nature to our school and the earth to our kitchen. The students and family enjoy sharing the harvest of our magical garden. The 'sow forward' grant would improve our harvest and bring more love for gardening with more students able to help and participate in our garden activities.

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449 N. Esplanade Street
Orange, CA 92869
United States

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school/youth garden

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children and families

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What this project needs:

watering hose
compost bin

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Corinne Madelmont
Julie Madelmont

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