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Eight Corners School Community Garden

The Eight Corners School Community Garden was started in 2008 as a way to enhance learning experiences for kindergarten and first grade students who study life cycles, plants and nutrition. Our garden, which grows editable plants, currently consists of four 12x3 raised beds. We are looking to expand our space this spring and would locate new beds in a spot that receives better sunlight and is highly visible to the public.

Forms of experiential education (like garden-based learning) support a range of state and local learning standards. As they dig into soil students not only learn about food systems, nutrition and life cycles, they also engage in collaboration, reflective thinking and the process of inquiry. The Maine climate also makes the garden a good opportunity for service learning projects as students often plant and care for crops as a gift for incoming classes who will harvest and enjoy them in the fall. Our goal is to provide students with foundational experiences that will foster knowledge, interest and lifelong subsistence skills. Teachers design both individual and collaborative classroom experiences based on curriculum needs. The garden is open and available for all classes and families to observe, enjoy and experience.

Our garden depends on community volunteers for the summer months and families may sign-up to become “summer stewards.” When crops become ready during vacation families are encouraged to harvest and enjoy them. Although we have always had sufficient volunteers during the summer months, this year we are looking to increase awareness and encourage greater participation from families so that our garden can reach it’s full potential. We are hoping to do this by placing the new bed in a highly visible area and reaching the greater school community through informative newsletters and a presentation to the Parent Teacher Association. 

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22 Mussey Rd
Scarborough, ME 04074
United States

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school/youth garden

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children and families

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volunteer labor

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Jessica Deans
Anne Lovejoy

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