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East York Alternative High School Garden

At East York Alternative we wish to create a garden where we will be able to produce our own food so that we can use what we have grown in our kitchen to create healthy food for the students. The goals for this project are to have an indoor and outdoor garden and a greenhouse to engage students in the process of how their food is grown and to bring healthy and affordable food into the kitchen at the school and to get students interested in healthy living. We also hope to expand the garden to bring in the community and donate a portion of the food we will be producing. The people that will be benefitting from this project will be at-risk youth and the staff from the school. The students will be growing their own food and taking care of the plants and also preparing food with the vegetables that they have grown. They will be gaining a hands on knowledge of gardening and being self-sufficient through growing their own food as well as healthy living. The students will be learning about food security and through the garden they will have access to healthy and affordable food that they can be proud about growing themselves. 

Where it's at:

670 Cosburn Ave
Toronto, ON M4C 2V2

Garden type:

school/youth garden

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Garden beneficiaries:

at-risk youth

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Project leaders:

Tara Taglioni
Harriet Whiteman

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