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Deming Library Learning Garden

The Deming Library Learning Garden, which is just beginning germination, is an exciting collaboration between a rural Pacific Northwest library and a grassroots volunteer organization, Local Food Works. The Learning Garden will be built in three phases over a period of two years; Phase 1 involves the installation of paths and planting of native plants and a blueberry patch; Phase 2 involves building paths to a second area and installing several raised beds in a ‘Children’s Garden’; Phase 3 will involves the creation of an outdoor ‘Reading Room’ and additional native and edible landscaping. Goals of the Learning Garden are: 1) To provide hands-on gardening and self-reliance workshops and experiences for community members of all ages, which will be integrated into the creation of the garden itself; 2) To provide a welcoming outdoor space for library patrons and community members; and 3) To integrate the library’s community programming with local foods, self-reliance and food security efforts. The garden will benefit a great number of people such as the 701 children, 64 teens and 1012 adults who participated in 177 different programs at the library in 2013. Included in these numbers are members of the Nooksack Indian Tribe, whose teen group participates in cultural and native foods events at the library, and local Russian and Ukrainian families who come to glean plums from existing edible landscape trees on the library grounds. All these members of the community will benefit from the Learning Garden through the creation of a welcoming outdoor space that integrates library programs with native plants and additional edible landscaping in an outdoor learning environment.

Where it's at:

5044 Mt. Baker Hwy.
Deming, WA 98244
United States

Garden type:

library garden

Garden size (in square feet):


Garden beneficiaries:

families and children

Number of people reached:

2 000

What this project needs:

volunteer labor
fruit bushes
fruit trees
watering hose
irrigation system
garden cart
compost bin
outdoor oven

Project leaders:

Marjie Bell
Katrina Carabba

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