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Deep Springs College Community Garden

Deep Springs is a liberal arts college located on a cattle-ranch and alfalfa farm in California's High Desert. The school's 26 students, along with its staff, children and faculty, form a close community engaged in this intense project.  Currently the community size is approximately 60.  The garden has become a meeting space for students and children alike.  The science professor used our high tunnel to teach an ecology class this past winter and my children come with me daily to the garden.  My 5 year old son has a vast and diverse knowlege of gardening from years "working with me. This is truely a community garden and as we grow more, I anticipate everyone will be more excited about spending time there.

 The Deep Springs College community garden is a one-half acre kitchen garden.  During the summer months we grow 20-25 varieties of fruits and vegetables for twice weekly harvest.   The garden also has a small half acre orchard that consists of mostly apples, pears and berries.  The major goal of the students and garden manager is to provide as much fresh produce for our college cafeteria and community throughout the year.  In my past two years as garden manager I have been trying to identify gaps in what we are able to provide the kitchen. This past season the gap was fruit.   We live at an elevation with late spring frosts which hurt our orchard production this past season. This winter I have researched perennial fruit trees, vines and bushes that will do well with our late frost conditions and plan to add them to our garden in the seasons to come.  These include apple, fig, pear, hardy kiwi, raspberry, blackberry and grapes. In addition we will add both ever bearing and June bearing strawberries to the garden.  

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HC 72 Box 45001
Dyer, NV 89010
United States

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college garden

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college students, faculty and staff of college and children

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What this project needs:

fruit trees
irrigation system

Project leaders:

Shelby MacLeish
Jill Lawrence

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