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Dawes Middle School Garden

Community CROPS provides gardening education for hundreds of youth at several schools in Lincoln as part of our Young Urban Farmers program. The proposed funding will be used to expand this program to the Dawes Middle School garden and outdoor classroom. Work on this project is still in the planning stages, but the primary goal is to construct a hoop house and raised vegetable beds in spring 2014. Students and teachers at Dawes will benefit from the garden by utilizing the space to learn about sustainable gardening practices, food systems, and nutrition. They will be able to use the space to make connections between these important topics and the subjects they are already studying, such as science, art, history and math. Students will use this space during the school day and will also have the unique opportunity to utilize the space after school through the Community Learning Center (CLC) after school program.

The  Dawes Middle School community will also benefit from having a garden space in their neighborhood in many ways. Gardens are invaluable resources for low-income communities such as the one surrounding Dawes, providing aesthetic, cultural, environmental and economic benefits to all nearby residents. Families and community members will have the chance to use the space to connect with nature and one another by growing food, and learning about gardening, nutrition, and sustainability through classes and events. This increased awareness about sustainable food systems and nutrition will help families make healthy choices that will improve their lives and their community. During the summer peak growing season, when school is not in session, Dawes community members will be invited to utilize the garden plots to grow food for themselves and their families. This will provide healthy, organic foods to low-income families with few nearby options for fresh produce.


Where it's at:

5130 Colfax Ave
Lincoln, NE 68502
United States

Garden type:

school/youth garden

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Garden beneficiaries:

children and families

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What this project needs:

fruit bushes

Project leaders:

Andrea Jenkins
Ben McShane-Jewell

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