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Costa Verde International School Garden

Costa Verde International School aims to produce healthy, happy and well-adjusted life-long learners.  One of the targets is that each child acquires a profound understanding of the necessity for a "green" approach to living.  The school curriculum centers on ecology and respect for the environment. 

The kids are involved in hands*on work in the school garden and have weekly classes in eco education which focus on organic and sustainable food growing practices.  Right now, they are simplying growing herbs in the garden, but are striving for a lot more.  They plan to build another raised bed, amend the existing beds and plant more fresh veggies & herbs. 

This year the school started a Healthy Lunch Program and the goal is to grow their own produce for school lunches.  Creating a Pizza Garden is always fun ~ with tomatoes, peppers, onions, basil, eggplant, and oregano all growing together in one bed.  The list of plants to grow includes beans, squash, salad greens, kale, corn, herbs, and mint & tulsi for sun tea.   Sprouting Sunflower Seeds is a fast growing project for the kids and the sprouts will provide a delicious and nutritious addition to the menu.  It's important for the students to learn first hand about the connection between what is on their plates and what grows in the garden.  They will learn how to harvest their own produce and what to do with it ~ whether eaten fresh from the vine or prepared during a cooking class in the kitchen.  The kids will delight at the wormy*worms transforming their kitchen scraps into beautiful compost in the new Vermicompost bin to be built.  The cycle will be complete ~ from garden to table and back into the garden again. 



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Ave. Revoluciion #3
63732 Sayulita Nayarit

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school/youth garden

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children and families

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fruit trees
compost bin

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Barbara Bourdin
Claude Bourdin

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