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Centennial PS Community Garden

Centennial Public School is an inner-city school serving a marginialized population with little access to green space.  The garden will create a unique natural space for student enjoyment and learning, while providing students and their families with access to fresh organic produce in season.  Teachers will use the space as an outdoor classroom with the support of Growing Up Organic, a local garden-based education program which links school garden activities to curriculum goals while fostering environmental stewardship and healthy eating habits.  The garden will benefit students in several ways: by providing them with an experiential tool for enhancing their learning experience; by encouraging them to develop an environmental ethic, a sense of responsibility, and a sense of pride; by encouraging healthy habits and developing student confidence in growing and preparing their own food; and by re-embedding food choices within wider food system like biodiversity and environmental health.

Our first picture is show what students think our garden looks like in winter.  We used recycle goods, clay and cotton to show snow and local animals sleeping in our garden.  The second picture is to show what our students thought we'd need to work in our new garden.

Where it's at:

376 Gloucester St
ottawa, ON k1r5e8

Garden type:

school/youth garden

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Garden beneficiaries:

children and families

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What this project needs:

watering hose

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