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The Cedars Therapy Garden

In our ability garden we have created several wheelchair accessible beds that we can plant vegetables in.  Growing vegetables have allowed our residents to engage in garden activities that many of them participated in before coming to live in a long term care facility.  Just the fact of having the garden has been a great encouragement to becoming active outside again. Just as able bodied gardeners come in different sizes, I noticed that our friends in wheelchairs also come in different sizes.  We would like to build several smaller vegetable beds of different heights that would allow different degrees of wheelchair heights to actively participate in gardening activities.  This new area would be built on the east side of the larger bed shown in the first photo.   Many of our residents grew up with lovely lush gardens; they fed their families with the vegetables that they grew.  Vegetable gardening was simply a part of their lives.  Just because their physical address has changed, it doesn't mean that the activities they loved to do should be gone.  Two years ago we started to participate in our local Farmers Market.  The residents that grew the vegetables are the ones that also go down to the market.  The resident's past gardening experience has been very helpful to young mothers and people just starting to garden. What started as a social goal for many of the residents has now turned into a real teaching event.  The resident's knowledge has been gratefully passed on to the next generation of gardeners.

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14409 Sunrise Court
Leo, IN 46797
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senior garden

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seniors and disabled people

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Jackie Hoopfer
Pam Young

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