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Spring Garden Soil Elixer

Spring Soil
Mar 23, 2012

One of the most anticipated times of year for gardeners is Spring, with the attendant planting season. Everything is new and fresh; a chance to start over and improve on last year’s garden. A big subject and one that causes no end of concern, worry and frustration to gardeners is what to do with the soil to prepare it for planting. If you have been reading our blog posts over the past 3 years, you know that we advocate building the health and vitality of the soil in a natural, biologically safe manner. Soil becomes healthier, more productive, disease, weed and pest resistant. It results in an upward spiral where the garden gets better year after year.


Here is a unique recipe for a Spring garden elixir that is easy to mix, completely non-toxic and hugely beneficial to jump-starting your garden’s soil in getting it ready for planting. It comes courtesy of Crop Services International, who has over 35 years experience in helping growers accomplish their goals. They provide a Non-Toxic/Biological/Sustainable approach to growing food, from a full scale commercial farm to the home gardener. We are currently studying “The Non-Toxic Farming Handbook” that they wrote to educate ourselves more on improving our knowledge and approach.


Read the rest of "Spring Garden Soil Elixer" here.


Stephen Scott is co-owner of Terroir Seeds, a family owned and operated heirloom seed company that focuses on the "Cycle of Terroir"- from the soil, to the seed, to the food you eat, providing heirloom seeds, education and information for all phases of the cycle.


Hi Stephen I was reading your soil elixer recipe and i had never before thought of cola as a fertiliser. I do know that cola is high in. It is amazing how some things that should be obvious are not. You explained most of the ingredients but what is the benefit of Cranberry Juice? Regards Glenn
That's really something new come to know about soil fertilizers..... Will try this out as planing to make some good changes and planting new plants in my garden, also the ingredient you mentioned in you blog for soil elixer are easily available to me... So hope will work efficiently! parcel services
Please let us know how it works for you! We have found so much info that is definitely not mainstream but is very effective, we are trying to share it!
Hello Glenn- Glad you liked the article. Cranberry juice is full of vitamins and minerals, as well as acting as an anti-bacterial agent and having an acidic pH. Depending on how the juice is processed, it can contain significant amino acids as well.

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