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My Healthy Living Neighborhood

Jul 05, 2011

Hello Fellow Members,

Some foundations are saying that in the past 100 years we have lost a great deal of cultural knowledge about the production, preparation and enjoyment of healthy whole foods. I couldn't agree more. Now, we are facing an enourmous amount of work to bring it back. Or are we?

When we take a close look at the current healthy eating outreach programs for children we can instantly see there are no images for children that excite a child or family to begin to plant their own  gardens. We see images of obese children, full plates, junk foods with such oft used slogans as, "Say no to junk food." Or, "Don't take chances," or "Be Active--Eat Well." Unfortunately, we feel this is not the way to get a child interested in building a healthy diet. So, we set about making an image that would inspire a child to begin to want to be part of a neighborhood that is a healthy living neighborhood.

We invite all of you to view our Healthy Eating poster image called Do you hear the call? on Bill Brikiatis' Suburban Hobby Farmer. Bill sent us 5 questions about our work with children and he posted our answers on his wonderful blog.

When we walk on to a campus wearing this poster over our shoulders, within five minutes children are swarming all over us. They want to know every thing about the healthy neighborhood on the poster. Child after child points to one of the houses in this healthy liviing neighborhood and says, "I  want to live in that house." When we ask "Why?" the child tells us it is because he or she likes raspberries, or corn, or pumpkins or watermelons. That is the true test to whether your  product will inspire a child.


Have fun,


Judy Wilken MS

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