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A strawberry breakfast

Jun 09, 2011

The weather is very warm in New Jersey considering it is still spring, the temps are more like late summer weather. I've been doing my best to keep the plants watered and refreshed during this early heat wave.

This morning I watered after my morning walk at 6:20am. However, I had to water again at noon time, my containers were starting to droop and look unhappy. My tomato plants are full of flowers and this is a critical time to keep up the watering. I have oodles and oodles of cherry tomato blossoms all over the plants. Now I don't want to count my blossoms before the develope, but I'm dreaming of lots of little sweet tomato's,sauted with fresh garlic and basil, so Yummy!

While watering this morning I saw 5 more asparagus spears ready to harvest. Knowing that 5 spears wouldn't make a big dinner for hubs and I. I just ate them as I picked them. Fresh raw asparagus are amazing! What a nice breakfast.

As I strolled by my strawberry patch I noticed 2 eaten strawberries on my park bench, I knew that must have been from some squirrels having an earlier breakfast. So I dropped the hose in the garden bed,let the water run and went to check my strawberries.

What a delightful suprise, there were many ripe strawberries. I picked about 25 of them and added them to my belly for breakfast. What a strange combination for breakfast raw asparagus and fresh strawberries.

I thanked the earth for providing me with such wonderful miracle foods to eat. What a joy it is to be a gardener, connect with the earth and healthy foods--Eat your Heart out McDonalds,, I don't eat big Mac's!

Wishing all the gardeners here a wonderful miracle food day~!!~

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