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My lack of Tech skills must be a problem.

Jun 13, 2011


I'd like(or have tried) to start a pod. But i've not had much luck?

I have started a plant study group in my local area and we would love to have a place here to connect, share our studies and share recipes.

We have 23 in our group and more to be joining us.

Any tips you can give to achieve this goal would really be helpful.


Joyous Day

Jeannie (aka Spirit2Sole)

I have gotten permission to start a blog, but after 6 attempts still no pod showing up?

My students are wanting to join in this site and can't find the pod?




The Group you authored, Herbal Friends, shows uo well. There is an older group, Backyard Kitchen Herbalists, that is well attended and seems to cover the same material, although it is open to everyone, not just your study group. Roger gave you "permission" to start a pod on 6/09/2011, so try again, carefully filling out all injformation, and be sure to save the info. I hope this helps you persevere, because I enjoy your contributions to KGI. Stay natural, David
Don't understand how you are having so many problems- you have mastered getting photos up rather easily, which was ( is still ) harder for me, than getting on here or starting a pod. Keep trying, David gave some good info. Good luck!
I have done, redone etc over 3 dozen times and after I click "save or Preview" I go to a total blank page. Some of my students are not computer knowledgeable and I wanted to give them a group, so their first experiences are good ones. They then can mainstreet into the rest of the site. Thank you for your help. Spirit2Sole

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