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First Monday in Spring

Mar 21, 2011

It's the first Monday in the spring of 2011. Today's temps were very much colder than last fridays summer like temps. Dispite the chilly morning, I woke early and got to work in the greenhouse.

My first order of business was to heat up my hot tea brewer and walk the isles to see who sprouted over night. It is such a gift to see new seedlings awake!

This morning some of the hot and ornamental peppers, zinnia's, marigold's, sunflowers, large pots of chervil, dill and bronze fennel showed life too. I try not to get too ahead of myself with seedlings, it can be a daunting task to transplant thousands of seedling.

My well scheduled plan is to try to plant 10 to 20 types of different seeds(40-80 seeds each) a day- in a 2 week period, then wait 3 days and then plant more. I know when it is time for transplanting, I have to becareful with my schedule timing- or I'll be taken over by seedlings.

This year I am growing plants for my own use, plants to sell and plants for a down town container project. The downtown project will be containers with all edible's in them. We also have wonderful plans of having free programs for children and adults on "Victory Gardens", "container gardens", and cooking workshops.

The planning of this project has been a town wide venture, including the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Church groups, the local food panrty, business owners, citizen of the town and two home schooler groups. We have also been contacted by two local chefs and a vegetarian/India cooking school, with interest in our project.

So as I sit in my greenhouse on this cold rainy monday morning, I am surrounded by "dream" of the future. Each little tiny seedling will grow to be "magical" food and beauty. With all the positive energy's I gather from this thoughts, the loving energy surrounds my tiny, little seedlings. Cold rainy spring mornings eventually turn into awesome sunny summer days.


This blog is an inspiring " dream of the future" telling of the "magical" food and beauty of seeds growing into realities that fulfill many needs and desires. You've made a rainy Monday into an enchanted time. Stay natural, David
Thank you David, Time in the greenhouse is magical, today will be another magical day in the greenhouse--but I'm wearing long underwear,, it's chilly!!! More seeds to start today! Happy Day Jeannie
wow you certainly are busy - what wonderful plans you have. Your plants look lovely and healthy
Your sprouting seeds has really inpired me .I better hurry up and do some more planting.Thanks for reviving inspiration.. :o)).
Happy Gardening Salma. I'm glad my words could inspire you! :-) Happy Day Jeannie

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