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Guerilla gardening - an introduction

Apr 21, 2010

I first heard of Guerilla Gardening a couple of years ago. The idea is to brighten up public areas by planting flowers, shrubs, or even vegetables. As I don't have a large garden the idea of Guerilla gardening was something that instantly appealed to me.

The idea has been taken up by many, and I am unsure who thought of the plan originally, but I know that Richard Reynolds has a website dedicated to guerilla gardening. [pimp your pavement] . 

You will be astounded how many little grubby patches of unloved public space there are. Neglected flower beds, concrete planters, bare plots of mud. Chose one close to home, perhaps something you walk past on the way to the shops or work, and appoint yourself it's gardener. This will make it much easier to look after in the long term


Thanks for being part of KGI and blogging with us. The guerilla gardening movement has a lot to teach the kitchen gardening movement.
I am a guerilla gardener of sorts. Over the last three years I have been planted over 900 daffodil bulbs on the side of the road between my home town and the next town. Last fall I planted 400 in the shape of a Yellow Ribbon, 21 feet long. I planted another 125 randomly on the side of the road. The years before I planted 200 in the shape of a heart 14 feet across. The first year I just planted the bulbs in small groups. It has been a great deal of fun hearing peoples reactions. The heart was on the front of our town paper (weekly paper) with the caption "Heart of a Mystery". Just fueled the fire I have another design planed for planting this fall.

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