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Thank you Andrew Lawler

Nov 08, 2010

We frequently travel between and Peshawar, Islamabad and Lahore. Though there is much shorter route through new motor way but we always prefer to travel through historic grand trunk road, as it’s easy to stop by roadside hotels and refresh youself. This Wednesday we had chance to visit Lahore to attend wedding of distant cousin. The drive to Lahore by road is about six hours or more. I decided to distribute Andrew's seeds to the villagers of Muftian on the way. This Village is located close to the historic Rhohtas Road, leading to Rhotas Fort, situated in district Jhelum. Rhohtas Fort is a garrison fort built by the great Afghan king Sher Shah Suri who also constructed grand trunk road.

The district Jhelum is known for providing a large number of soldiers to the British Raj and later to the Pakistan Armed Forces due to which it is also known as city of soldiers or land of martyrs and warriors . Muftian Village is a farmer’s village. It is a beautiful village and is historically well known for the Shrine of Hadrat Kwaja Maqbool.

We saw bunch of farmers busy in the field .I stopped my car and called them. They thought that I was asking way to Rhotas fort as most do .I explained to them about the seeds and they were very happy about this free seeds distribution. They gladly took the seeds.

The river Jhelum passing through district was in very high flood during rainy season and people living on both side of river were affected by heavy floods and rainfall and were evacuated.But even in camp they lived in constant fear as Mangla dam close by was under severe pressure and if it had broken it would have made a clean sweep of the whole city. But fortunately it withstood the water pressure and city was saved.

Thank you Andrew Lawler. Your free Seeds would be of great help and make a difference.


View of fort from Muftian village Jhelum

Andrew Lawler’s seeds.

8. Post Packet of sweet corn, garden beans, cantaloupe, 2 varieties chilies.... 4 packets

9. Post .2.packets of pumpkin seeds ......2....packets, Hybrid squash, spinach, onion, lima beans, lettuce 2 packs (AMERICAN SEEDS) watermelon, spinach (BURPEE)......8...packets

11 post. Packet of cantaloupe seeds, spaghetti squash, peppers (capsicum annum’), squash (acorn), okra.........5...packets

12 post. Sweet dumpling (winter squash) water melon, Cantaloupe....3...packets

Total=.....................22...packets These were given to 5 flood affected farmers 4 packets each... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Thank you for the work you are doing. I like the Photo of the fort, I would never have seen this, if I was not a member of KGI. Again, thank you & may God bless you & your. Joel
Hi Salma, I just wanted to second Joel's post- I love learning about your country and it's rich heritage. Thank you so much for sharing. Blessings, Susan
Thanks Joel and Susan for you encouraging comments.It gives boost to my resolve and determination.

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