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Some of them are conservative and their culture forbide taking picture but for ..Maxine Walker ....Susan.E.Roth

Oct 10, 2010



This Saturday I went  to Peshawer with my family on  shopping trip. Our destination was Hayatabad, a famous shopping center of Peshawar. 

I had planned to distribute seeds on the way to Peshawar, to villagers along the road side .For this purpose I had prepared posters and packets of seeds before hand.

Leaving Islamabad we travel westward towards the frontier town of Peshawar.

Following the historic Grand Trunk Road, we made a detour to Taxila later on drive to Peshawar crossing River Indus at Attock Bridge on G.T. Road.

In Nowshera district, I saw the  entire villages been destroyed by floods. Most of the people have just returen from flood releif camps .

They  are just living outdoors, next to their destroyed house, and have started rebuilding their houses and tiling their land for winter crops.

 They are suffering from many problems and deprived of basic human necessities, but  I found them  standing high with smiles on their faces amidst all odds.

It requires a lot of courage to smile when there is little or no food to eat, no home to live, very little clean water to drink, no bed to sleep and no air conditioning or fan to cool down the burning temperature.

The way these people  were handling these floods was truly inspirational.

 I stopped by and handed them seeds , and explained , the people who have donated  them free seed  .They were truly greatfull .They showed there gratidude and  were keen that their picture been taken in spite of the fact that some of them are extremely conservative and  their culture forbide  taking picture .

Some of the phatans were reluctant that I stand next to them but agreed to hold poster and seeds  by themselves to let the donors see that they have received what have been given to them .

(I was able to deliver seed sent by Maxine to five farmers  and  by Susan. E roth. To

three  farmers  The remaining seeds of maxine and susan would be delivered later on)

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