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Seeds by first Parish Church/Father of Peace delivered to Rev Dr Samuel Titus..Historic Saint Paul Church Rawalpindi.

Jan 18, 2011




I can't remember  how many times I have driven past this church but
to whatever religion you may belong, Muslim or Christian it is impossible not to notice the grandeur and beauty of this church .A piece of architecture that is a throwback to an era of Victorian age and the Raj.

When you are driving down the mall towards Muree road   Opposite to Army Hockey Stadium, you  cannot miss this majecting  towering church building.

When I received this free consignment of seeds from First Parish Church, the winter sowing season was ending. So I decided to distributed these seeds after December, before the advent of spring.

I live in Capital city Islamabad and I had covered most of the rural farming areas during my previous seeds distribution episodes.  So I decided to handover these seeds to Reverend of this church who is well know for his charity work and would be able to deliver to more far-flung rural place where I could not reach.

The Reverend Dr Samuel is initiating a project for elderly people of his community and also stipends for poor brilliant student. When I asked him from where he will get funds for these projects.

He simply answered that God has chosen him for this task; God will find way for him.

The reverend was kind enough to give us time out of his busy schedule.

As we sat in his office after handing over the seeds I asked him about the history of this church.

. The church of Saint Paul in Rawalpindi is the second oldest in this city after Christ Church which was built 150 years ago.

Its construction was started by East India Company 1876 and was completed in 1908.The Church's first brick was laid in 1876 but  Official date of construction of the Church is given as 1908.  The height is more than 65 ft. It was renovated recently, to celebrate 100 years of its existence.
 Rawalpindi Cantonment was then home to the Northern Command of the British army and considered as the last outpost of the Empire. British troops used to come to the Church for Sunday prayers.

The stone of the building was laid by Rev G J Chree BD.

 British pastors reigned supreme Until 1942,. It was in 1943 that the first native Rev Peter was appointed as assistant pastor.

In 1947, the Church was handed over to the United Presbyterian Church run by the American missionaries.

I inquire Dr Samual how he became reverand.

He told me a very interesting story of his journey to pastorhood.

Before he was born his mother had two daughters.She longed to have son.

One day his mother went  to the church, and prayed .She asked God for a son and in return she vowed to give the son back. to serve  God .

Her prayer was heard and her desire granted. Her third child was a son.

Reverend said that  during his child hood and teens he never thought of becoming a pastor.After graduation he got employment at church on administrative side.

In   office there was a praying room ,where office bearers prayed when ever they had time to spare.One day while he was praying he felt an intese light and overwhelming sense of the divine  presence of God. The Glow was so intense that he could hardly see.

  In that powerful light, he felt a presence unlike anything he had felt before; he felt overwhelmed and terrified. The presence told him that he belongs to him and he must devote his life to serve Humanity.

That day changed him and   he decided to devote his life to the service of god and Holy Spirit.

He became pastor at age of 25.

As we took round of church he showed us bricks of which the church is built.When I took the brick in my hand I was surprised that it weighted so much .Reverand said that these bricks are so hard and compact that drill does not work on it.

The interior of  the church was as  impressive as its exterior and very well kept.

At the back of the church an old banyan tree caught my sight. The reverand said that this tree is as old as the church.

 The Church greatness and absolutely stunning architecture make this it one of the most significant landmarks in Rawalpindi.

It is also a symbol of tolerance and harmony among different faiths in our country.








Rawalpindi is about 20 miles from my place in Islamabad ...the capital city. After the partition from India..Pakistan appeared on the may of the world in 1947, it was felt that a new and permanent Capital City should be built. After extensive researchand feasibility studies sites, the area North East of the historic garrison city of Rawalpindi was recommended . The long-term plan was that Islamabad would eventually encompass Rawalpindi entirely, stretching to the West of the Grand Trunk road.

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