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Pakistan : Current ground zero of the climate crisis.

Aug 23, 2010

When I read Blogs on this site I feel that agriculture in Pakistan is still 50 year behind modern agriculture practice in west. It’s like ancient methods of agriculture and irrigation vs. modernization and sustainable methods of west.
Pakistan today is the current ground zero of the climate crisis.
Ironic, that Pakistan, considered one of the top three (Pakistan, South Africa and Egypt) water-limited nations among the world's 25 most populous countries, is drowning as the banks of the drought-threatened Indus overflow, obliterating centuries of ancient agricultural systems.
How the farmers who are backbone of Pakistan agriculture based economy would change their farming practices to the new global warming challenges is yet to be seen.


Hi Salma I am thinking of you at this terrible time in your country. I urge any Kitchen Gardeners who are able to help to go to Unicef to donate now.
Thanks you Mary for thinking about us in time of crisis.Your kind words and thoughts feel you are close to our hearts.
Hi Salma, I am glad you survived the tragedy that has taken so many of your fellow citizens, now what can we do to help? Is Doctors without borders doing relief work in your area? If so, I will send a donation marked for your country. I think I sent you a personal message, but if you are able ( and if not let me know) contact, FEDCO Seeds out of Waterville, Maine. They are the organic seed co-op that I buy my seed from and I think that they might be able to help. It might not be too late to add something about your plight in their next catalog, if you get through to them quickly. You and your country are in my thoughts and prayers. The sooner we get your farmers growing again, the better off your country will be. Blessings, Susan
Thanks Susan for your interest and concern. Response ,for help from the world is overwelming.There are many big organization and NGO's, like UN,Redcross,Aga Khan foundation etc reaching out the effected people.The quick respone was slow intially, as only means of transportation of releif goods was boats.But now water has receded in many areas and these activities are gaining momentem. Doctors without borders are not not working here. I didnt get any personal message.You can write on this email: I will get in touch with FEDCO Seeds .Do they have email or website!?? You are right , the urgent task is to get these impoversihed farmers up on there feets and growing again.Pakistan is an agriculture country with 70% of population involved in this trade.With out next harvest the country may plunge into famine . Thanks once again for your kind words.

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