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Pakistan: “Home Kitchen gardening to crush hunger”.

Aug 17, 2010

Pakistan: “Home Kitchen gardening to crush hunger”. Like the rest of the world Pakistan is also hit by severe inflation and resulting food shortage. Price of all food commodities has triple during past few years. One third of Pakistan population is below poverty line and more and more people are falling into poverty trap. Four to five people in the Pakistan commit suicide every day and a large number of these cases can be attributed to the victims’ inability to make ends meet. Unable to feed the family’s, many poor people are turning to petty crimes and begging. Some People are been forced to divert their children’s school fees to buy food, as they do not have much choice. This means an end of their dreams of giving their children a brighter future. It is a pity that this misfortune should befall in country like Pakistan where Agriculture contributes about 24 percent of the gross domestic product. A major part of the economy depends on farming through production, processing and distribution of major agricultural commodities. At one point Pakistan was self-sufficient in wheat cultivation, but since past 2 years the country has unable to meet demand and grain has to be imported. With the price of wheat and other grains rising on the international market it is increasingly difficult to isolate the price of local grain and de-link it with international market. Globalization has created more difficulties for developing countries; being financially weak they are not in a position to compete with the powerful forces that control the world markets. Disadvantaged by poor governance and the corruption of the rich and the powerful, the people of these countries have emerged as the worst victims of the world economic crisis. There has been many aborted attempt in past, by the government and other non profit organization to launch a program encouraging a kitchen garden in every home but due to lack of follow up and support most of these program’s ran out of steam after been launched with much pomp and show. There is great need now to restart an awareness program of home kitchen gardening. Encouraging everyone to acquire self-sufficiency in food by growing their own vegetables in their backyards. There is need of training programme that should be conducted in every School, Colleges and universities .As result children would start taking interest in kitchen gardening at very early stage, and this interest would surely continue through out their life in one form or other. Home kitchen gardening should be initiated on urgent bases by big world organization like world food program especially in under developed countries. A plan should be worked out to get not only women but men and children to grow vegetables at home, schools colleges universities and where ever possible. Food is so costly now that ideas of home kitchen gardening in all form, stands a better chance of success, now, than ever before. Share Twitter Facebook


Yes Salma, the World Trade Orgnization with their backing of corporate take-overs of food commodities has devastated many countries economies. Aware people here in the U.S. are fighting to resist corporate power in our government, including elections, and their influence in industial farming, seed monopoly and genetic engineering. Would a gift of seeds be helpful to send to you? I have groups that might contribute.
Thanks Maxine, for your the kind offer.Help in any form for flood affected people would work wonders. As soon as the flood affected families return to their homes, they should be provided all inputs to grow the earliest possible crop and have their kitchen garden up and running. .Depending upon how many seeds you would be able to provide we will make appropriate packets of seed and distribute it among affected people. The next sowing will start in October and last till 15 November. The following are some most common winter vegetables. Peas,garlic,radish,carrot,potatoes,onion,broculli,spinach,cauliflower,lettuce,cabbage, beet root.
Hi Salma Can you post an address where seeds can be sent to in Pakistan. I think we need Roger to pick up on this and advertise it on the home page of the website. In England at this time of year packets of seeds are being sold at mark down prices as it is the end of the season. The seeds are perfectly viable fo at least two more years. I think this will be similar in other countries in the northern hemisphere. I have purchased a number of packets of vegetable seeds [ Roots & Greens] at 10% of their original price, but i need to know where to send them. My few packets will not make a great difference, but if we can get a lot of people to send a few packets then that may make a big difference. When the flood waters recede then presumably people will be able to start growing food for themselves.
Thanks for responding Glen - can you access Roger to let him know we would like to get others to contribute? Salma said their planting would begin in October so we have time to collect and get them to her in September. She said she would post an address when we're ready.
Hi Maxine I have left a note on Rogers page.
I will check back for an up date. Joel
On the old site you were with different name, if I am not wrong.I recognise you from your profile photo. Once again, Thank you all ,for your thoughtful comments and your kind words of support !God bless each of you. Address is.: Salma Kamal Farm No 6-B, Street 11, Chak Shahzad Farms, Islamabad, Pakistan. Please send by registered mail . Please refer to Roger, and make sure such individual contribution are not against the policy of this site.
Hi Salma Today i sent my wife to the post office to post the envelope with seeds in it. They think that the customs will not allow seeds to be sent to Pakistan. She posted them anyway so we will have to wait and see if they reach you. I think it may be a problem though for people to send seeds through the post. I am not sure why it is not allowed, maybe someone else may know why. If the seeds are returned to me i will have to donate them to a local charity. I wish you good luck and every success with your initiative. Glenn
I dont think so, there are any laws regarding sending seeds through a parcel , as long as the contents are declared through proper procedure at post office.. I expect that I may get the packet in ten days time .This is what it normally takes here. I will let you know when I get the mail. Keep me informed if the packet is returned back to you. Thanks Glenn ,any way, for all your sincere efforts ,to be part of reaching out for a nobel cause.
Just finished reading "The Vegetarian Myth" while I wish she used a different title- such as Food Myths- it is a must read for everyone who wants to see this planet and all her creatures survive. You will never look at gardening and food production the same way again. And Salma if you need more seeds, please let me know. It is time for us to place seeds orders and I am hoping that Feedco will be as generous as they were when Maxine worked with them. Green Blessings! Susan
Thanks susan for the offer of more seeds. I have distributed seeds to most of the poor farmers around me . Its very difficult for me to reach out ,more far flung places affected by floods. Now the flood water have receded and most of the farmers are up on their feet, and busy in their traditional agriculture practices of growing cash crops of wheat, ,corn,barley ,maize ,potatoes,onion,cotton ,sunflower etc . I suggest that now we focus our afford more on promation of kitchen gardening among poor women in urban slums to run their kitchen. Members can keep sending seeds but now I should take up slum areas to distribute seeds and train and promote kitchen gardening. I will write in more detail about this in my new post. You can sent seed .It would be a great help. But for that I will post a new wish list of about 5 most common vegetables more suitable to our climate and taste. Thanks Susan for keeping this people to people connection of goodwill alive. Salma Kamal
Hello Salma and everyone else! The more reading I do, the more I am convinced that having people grow as much of their own food as possible, is the part of the real solution to hunger. The other piece is keeping Western corporations, and their soil killing products, out of developing ( well ALL) nations. People were able to feed themselves, baring a man made or natural disaster. They need help while getting back on their feet, but introducing the argriculture that has brought us dead soil and rivers to other countries not only does not help- it destroys the farmers chance of independence. Especially GMO products. So Salma, I am all for helping you with your project with the Women and small gardens. I wish we could get them some chickens and goats too. WE have got to take back our food sources from corporations. And for those who still have control , do not let it fall into corporate hands. You are doing incredible work- and I am glad to see you posting on facebook as well. I like to see your posts on my page- it reaches a lot of people who other wise have no clue what your country is really like. Let us know what are the best seeds for your project. I wil make sure we get you some. Peace, Susan
You are so right Susan and the threat to our crops by Monsanto and the Round-up Ready GMO's is frightening. a look at this is here Spread the word! I urge all KGI members to avail themselves of activists sites to protest. Organic Consumers Association, Institute for Responsible Technology and Natural News are some I know of. Add others you may know of.

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