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Harbingers of spring

Mar 30, 2011

The spring is here with flowers blooming, trees budding, and air filled with fragrance and color.

We all look forward to nature's re-awakening and welcome warm, back into our lives after months of cold weather.

Colorful Insects have started emerging from their winter slumper.They are also harbingers of spring. .

As I was repotting some plants I noticed these insects and could not help taking pictures.

We normally don't have problems with most insects.  Some may be harmful like these caterpillars on my cabbage. Some are useful like ladybird which eats aphids.

But I suppose most of them are harmless creatures.

When the temperature is below freezing, insects and other cold-blooded animals become dull and inactive. Insects do not hibernate but let their body temperature  drop very close to freezing.

 Even though they stay alive, insects hardly move at all. They may be active in winter but, very sluggish. We call this dormant condition diapause.

Some, insects like monarchs, migrate to escape harsh winter.

As days become cold insects move into cracks and crevices of stones, wood, logs, and under dead leaves to remerges as weather warm up.

With advent of spring these insects are also back in our lives pollinating flowers and preserving life for future.

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