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Free seeds distribution send by Kelli( Herman seeds)Candace .C .Pearce and Polly Freeman

Mar 03, 2011





 Few gardening-related hobbies are as fascinating as  kitchen gardening.

Home kitchen gardening means  walking into into your kitchen garden, picking a  ripe vegetables and herbs, and preparing  a fresh, hearty, and healthy meal.More over you have the satisfaction that all your hard work and planning has paid off.

A few day back Zeenat and I were invited by Waqar-un-nisa  to introduce Kitchen gardening to ladies of her community.

The purpose is to help other women get into kitchen gardening at home, for the benefit of their families, servants and neighborhood.

This was a very good opportunity for me introduces kitchen gardening to these ladies.

 The free seeds distribution send by Herman seeds, Candace .C .Pearce and Polly Freeman would be good incentive to persuade these ladies to start kitchen gardening.

The first part of this tutorial was a visit to Zeenet kitchen garden, to get first hand knowledge of,” What is kitchen gardening all about”.

 Zeenet is Avid kitchen gardener.

Her kitchen garden is in full bloom these days with cabbage onion, salad, radish and many herbs.

As we took a tour of Zeenet kitchen garden, and she explained all the advantages of kitchen gardening.

She explained how all the organic kitchen waste and leaves from garden can be recycles and turn into compost.

Later on she served us a delicious freshly prepared ginger lemon sherbet .



Ginger lemon sherbet.


4 Cup water

1 ½ sugar

1 cup fresh lemon juice

4 inches ginger


Clean the ginger and liquidize in blender with cup of water.

Make sugar syrup by boiling in 3 cup of water, then add the ginger and lemon juice, boil fro about 3 minute, cool strain and bottle it.

Serve by adding water in blender right amount of ginger mix and basil or mint leaves.


After this tour we went to Waqar place

 Asma, a well know flower arranger made few flower arrangements and left us all spell bound.

I delivered a lecture on kitchen gardening

I explained to these ladies the advantages of kitchen gardening

 And introduce them to basics of how to prepare, plan, and grow vegetables.

The growing prices of vegetables is enough to prompted most of the ladies living in the urban areas  to look into the possibility of growing vegetables in their backyards

The ladies showed keen interest .I was really surprised that most of them did not know that it’s so easy to grow vegetables at home.

More then forty ladies took part in this session.

These ladies were introduced not only to kitchen gardening but also to and the members who have sent free seeds.

The free seeds present were enough to initiate them to start this most rewarding life time hobby. Thank you, Candace.c.Pearce, Kelli (Herman seeds) and Polly Freeman and









Salma it good to know that you are promoting Kitchen gardening here .This activity is non-existence and lots need to be done to spread awareness., specially in our country where food is getting costier day by day.

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