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KGI Wins Rachael Ray's Edible Nation Contest

Jul 20, 2011

I love kitchen gardening, but there's something I love even more: encouraging other people to grow their own food.  A few years back I realized that one of the best ways for me to do this is to ride on the coattails of someone whose voice is louder and more credible than my own.  It was in that spirit that Eat the View - KGI's White House garden campaign  - first took root.  Noting that campaign's success, I keep my eyes open at all times for other opportunities to encourage other public figures to shine a bit of their spotlight onto the garden cause. When I saw that Rachael Ray and her friends were running a contest called Edible Nation, I knew I had to enter it.  Well, two weeks later the contest has come to a close and I'm delighted to report that thanks to KGI's large and growing online community my entry has won first prize!  Many, many thanks to all who voted and to the folks at eHow who organized the contest.  It was your support that made the difference.  If you're curious, the prize is an all-expense-paid trip to New York City which I'm going to use to make other contacts with people of power and influence who could support the kitchen garden cause.  I'll be reporting back a bit later in the year on my progress.  Big Apple, here we come!


That is exciting news. Enjoy your trip!
for the good wishes. I'll keep you in the loop about who I meet and what I eat there via the newsletter. Roger
Congratulations! That's an exciting contest to win. I think it's great that you are convincing people to grow their own food. I think it is so much more rewarding, tastes better, cheaper, and it can be so much fun! I love Rachel Ray as well. She makes cooking enjoyable. I wonder what her lg refrigerators look like at home and at work. She has to have so many good things in there!
There is a lot of perseverance and dedication behind the success and I hope you acquire every goal you set.
Glad you won the contest and get to spread the good gardening word in New York. I've read some great articles about folks involved with urban gardening - should be fun for you to meet some of them! I'm watching my mammoth sunflowers sway in Irene's winds here in Brunswick, Maine. Hope you're all battened down.

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