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How to Grow the Homegrown Movement?

Jul 14, 2011

Hello. I'm giving a TEDx talk in Portland, ME in September (!) and would love to include some of your bright ideas about where the homegrown movement needs to go next & how we'll get there. What public policies & investments are needed? Who's not on board who needs to be? How do we reach out to & educate them? Are there other successful movements we might emulate? What role should KGI and other nonprofits play? Thanks, Roger


Hi Roger, I have this little idea based on what I do in my professional life and how it interacts with my growing a lot of what my family eats. I work in healthcare as a Family Practice PA and so I interact with patients every day with a host of medical problems that would be improved by better eating (ie Diabetes, high Blood Pressure, Obesity, etc ...). I talk with people a lot about what they eat and have started to talk with people a little about trying to grow some of what they eat. I am sure that a few of my patients think that I'm a little nuts but it seems like a lot of them appreciate what I am saying and come back a few months later for their scheduled follow up not only to tell me about their disease state, but also to talk about their spinach looking nice or their tomatoes starting to fruit. I think that we have a wonderful opportunity to do some innovative things with the change in our healthcare system that is happening. Politics aside, we need to make changes to take better care of our population so I don't see why a conversation about homegrown food can't be a part of the solution. I have this pipe dream that at some point I'll be able to coordinate my part of the health care process with people in the local 4H or community garden. Anyhow, that's my 2 cents. -Johanna

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