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Make Your Own Yogurt

Jun 15, 2011

Yogurt is so easy, it practically makes itself. All you need is milk, a spoonful of yogurt, and a warm place to culture it. Here are the basics. Enjoy!


Hi Peter Another great blog. Because raw milk is really difficult to obtain, i wondered if it is possible to make yogurt with pasturised milk. I would imagine it is, in that you are steralising the milk and adding the bacteria in the form of a spoonful of yogurt. What are your thoughts. Glenn
Absolutely. 180?F kills everything, and (once it's cooled off to 110-116?) you're adding the culture you want to inhabit the milk. I would suggest trying to find local and organic, though, for reasons of quality.
Hi Peter, I am happy to report that our local Sustainability Center now has raw, biodynamic, local cow's milk! in addition to raw, organic goat's milk. I have made yoghurt before & will start anew with your worthy recipe & perspectives. A match made in heaven! Thank you ...
Thanks Peter, My wife and I made yogurt every week before we had kids, the youngest is now 25. I don't know why we ever stopped, I'm gonna make some more.
I'm glad to hear that. Welcome back!
If you're getting goat's milk, you really should try feta as well: It's really easy, and incredibly good. Good luck!

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