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Make feta at home

Mar 28, 2011

My most recent post is a quick how-to on making feta. It's easy, and the rewards are many. Give it a shot!


... full, round, perfect, replete, succulent, pending, cool, tangy … Your expertise & sense of ease are a delightful & empowering combination! Our local Sustainability Center offers fresh goat’s milk, cheese & yoghurt. One goat keeper describes how her goats love to eat flowers – especially Lilacs & Roses. I can almost imagine your savoring approach to the taste-bouquet that brings to a goats’ milk tasting … We will have to find a way to make you an honorary member of the Sustainability Center. You are in the Hudson Valley in New York & we are the valley in Sun Valley, Idaho.
Hi Peter I must admit that Feta is my favourite cheese, after eating it for the first time in Greece, quite late in life. I think it is the saltiness that does it for me. I,ve always wanted to make some after reading the book about the Australain family, the name of which escapes me now. Up until today i thought raw milk or 'Green top' was banned in England, but i have found out that it is only Scotland where it is not obtainable. I came across the attached link today when looking into raw milk, which has a number of interesting pages. I have no excuse now not to have a go at making some Feta cheese. I just hope it will be as good as yours. Regards Glenn
The feta is very good. But, a good French cheese... casino en ligne francais = Le casino en ligne francais, c'est plus simple pour jouer ? la roulette. Pas besoin de traduction pour comprendre.
My new post is about making Camembert and Brie.
Go for it, Glenn. Thanks for the link.

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