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Dec 06, 2011

When looking at the gardening projects of people in the US and Europe I usually stumble upon the large amount of input that people are investing in order to receive their harvest. A successful project must have a good measure between input and output, or course - particularly in order to be ecologically sane.

But that`s not where I`m going. It is developmental aid that keeps me thinking about doing things as simple, with as little input, as possible. Only those gardening practices that are cheap, those that can be done without any means actually and those that do not require any education are meaningful - in terms of developmental aid. 

I`m thinking about a billion people in Arabia, a billion around China and a billion around India, each of which are hopelessly poor and malnurished, whereas each one of these areas (and because of this) boasts of several million square kilometers of unused deserts (17million all together!) What a potential.

How unimportant do our little gardens, our community gardens or even the new economically viable urban farms look like compared to this challenge, that we all face!? Each one of us can get involved in starting gardening projects where the showdown of our generation takes place.

Thinking and acting like this has only become possible in the last couple of years, due to the internet and great planning tools like Google-Earth. But I marvel that we have made the internet a mirror of the real world. It`s not. The internet is not just a shaddow of the real world - it is a new layer of reality to our world and it offer new chances. In order to utilize these new chances whe have to think out of our boxes, think global. The world is a really small planet and the only one with life that we know of. There is no seperation any more. Anybody who wants to produce food in his garden can simple subsitute "his garden" for "the best possible place" and start looking everywhere!

I hope these few lines can transport the enthusiasm that I have for the topic. Although I am working locally (in 9 different gardens in my hometown this year) it is the international, cooperative type of work that has become my greatest personal change-driver and adventure lately...

here is an example of what I`m planning to start urban farming in Cairo right now:

cheers, Nico


Your thoughtful project will make an interesting study. Saved copies. Back soon. Your outreach is appreciated!
Thank you for sharing your perspective and knowledge. Is there a way for ordinary people to help this crucial effort?

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