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Eat More Kale

Dec 05, 2011

I'd see it on a t-shirt or on a bumper sticker, the command "Eat more kale."

It wasn't something I grew up eating, and I'd think to myself, I'm going to have to try it, this kale. My first encounter with it was at the farmers' market where it was easy to find, and later sturdy bunches of it were often included in our CSA share. Its scarcity during the early years of the Winter Farmers' Market, when kale is at its sweetest, made me appreciate it even more.

We'd planted two short 20 inch rows, one of Red Russian and the other of Siberian, back in early April under a cold frame, maybe a dozen plants in all. It may be due to this season's favorable conditions but they've been faithful producers ever since. We had one last harvest before clearing the bed, yielding a hefty two buckets full. Fortunately, it's not the last of our kale, there's still more under cover. However, the awaiting crop doesn't mark the passage of time the way these do, with their notched stems ticking off the days between now and then.


Note: When I wrote this post, little did I know that "Eat more kale" was to become a cause celebre. Find out more and lend your support at


... and a few other dark greens is 5-10x more than in a vegetable as green as Broccoli or Romaine Lettuce. Broccoli is listed as having 56 micrograms of Vitamin K per 1/2c. cooked & Kale has 531 micrograms of Vitamin K per 1/2c. cooked. Vitamin K is necessary for normal blood coagulation, but if you are an unaware greens-lover you can end up having super-K blood over a season of eating lots of greens. The Mayo Clinic's recommendation for Vitamin K for a mid-size woman is ~ 94 micrograms daily. I love everything about Kale & air-dried quite a supply to add into winter chilis & stews. We would still have Kale to harvest fresh in winter from under a little snow, except that the garden beds all got removed for re-design & rennovation of the garden area. All good things in balance! :-)

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