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Welkom in our greenhouse

Mar 17, 2012

Although it is not official yet, spring had begun for us. We bought a little plastic greenhouse 2 years ago and were longing to finally get it out of the box. A friend of ours provided us with professional seed trays and a big box full of plastic labels and we have a box full of vegetable seeds. We tried to buy as many old or unusual varieties and stay away from the F1 hybrids if we could but as it turns out that is not always easy.

So here is a list of what we got in trays so far:

Cherry tomato
Cayenne pepper - long slim
Tomato - Marmande (a fleshy tomato)
Tomato - Moneymaker
Rat’s tail - a reddish but you eat the seedpods and the young leaves
Cape gooseberry - not a gooseberry at all
Green fennel - that is actually white
Paksoy - green fortune F1
Basil - green
Salade - Hilde III
Gherkin - Long de Meaux
Sweet woodruff
Brocoli - green Calabrese
Cucumber - Marketeer
Bell pepper


<p> 1</p>
<p> Hi Kim</p><p> I have sown a similar choice to you. I flew over France a month ago and it looked pretty bloomin cold. There was snow all the way from the Pyrenees to yorkshire where i live. I have bottom heat under my seeds, in the form of a sand bed with a heating cable running though it. Do you have heat in you greenhouse?</p><p> Good Luck. I hope everything germinates for you. </p><p> Glenn</p>

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