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The mystery vegetable!!

Nov 26, 2010

Since this is my first blog, let me introduce myself. My name is Cath and I live in Syndey NSW, Australia. I have a small vege patch in my back yard that I am absolutely loving. I discovered KGI when looking for sites with recipes to use all my garden produce. Being that we live on a small suburban block we decided that a raised vege patch would be the thing for us. So we now have a "water tank" style vege patch that sits about 80cm off the ground, is approx 2.8m long and 90cm wide. To this we also have some large ceramic pots that we grow a few things in aswell. And the strawbery pots. 2 of them so that there is more than enough strawberries for 2 strawberry lovers. When we planted out our summer seedlings this year, we noticed a small little seedling had popped up through the soil at the edge of our raised vege patch. We have been eagerly watching it and have decided its some sort of curcubit, maybe a zucchini or squash? I will post a photo of the now huge flowers and leaves and see what you all think.... as soon as I figure out how to do that. The next question we had was how did this rogue mystery vegetable get into the garden in the first place? The only answer is worm poo. We have a worm farm and about 2 weeks before planting out with seedling we had dug through the worm castings to add some good ness to the soil. This is the only place I can think of that the mystery would have come from. I have decided to make blogging about my garden a regular thing, so hopefully this is the first of many. To anyone reading thank you, have a great day and an even better time out in the garden!


Hi Cath If you look here you can see that volunteers from your compost can be a regular occurence. It is always interesting to see what you get. Regards Glenn
If you go to groups & checkout Photographs you will find a post on how to up laod photographs. GLENN, How do you make the link "here" on this site? Thanks, Joel
Hi Joel I don,t know if there is more than one way to skin a cat. But a link to the KGI site is the same as any other link. When you pick reply there are a row of icons at the top of the comment box. If you hover over these the third from the right is the link button. I open another page in my web browser first. I then go to the page i want to link to. At the top of the page is the URL [Uniform Resource Locator]. You copy this long row of text, and go back to the KGI comment box. You select the text or word that you want to become your link by holding down the left mouse button and swiping over the text. Then you pick the link icon at the top of the comment box, and it brings up another box with a long oblong space under the name URL. You paste the URL you have copied into this long box. You then pick OK. This takes you back to your comment box and the text you have selected will have turned blue. You can then carry on with further text. Thats how i do it Joel. Regards Glenn
Hi, Thanks for that info. I have now applied for mentor status, hopefully it won;t be too long before I am granted the access to upload images. Here is the image of my "mystery vegetable" or volunteer - it must need a second for cross polination, as no matter how many of the large flowers grow they never progress to fruiting.

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