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Snow Days.

Jan 11, 2011

It snowed. A lot. Well, at least for Upstate South Carolina, six inches of snow qualifies for a blizzard. My children are thrilled that school is closed--and who knows when they'll return?

While I love a PJ-clad, house-bound snow day, I've been dreaming of spring and playing in dirt--while the rest of the southeast is making snowmen. You can see what's growing at

Stay warm!




AMEN! I like a little snow, but Global Warming is killing my garden! I can not wait till late February, so I can plant everything I was going to plant in late January. I love gardening in South Carolina, but the last two winters have not been much fun.
Joel, I completely kitchen potager is buried under six inches of snow, which is very frustrating! I had to dig out the rosemary from the layer of snow and ice to use for dinner. Not that I'm complaining--at least we have power! Still, spring seems very far away... Stay warm! Julie
Me, I love when it snows. casino en ligne = Le casino reste ma plus grande passion. J'adore aussi le poker, le bingo et le keno.
We have not seen this much snow in a long time. It is beautiful but I have lost a tree to it this time. Lucky that is all we lost so far. Watching the shed roof very carefully. I would love to get out and actually do something fun in the stuff, but will have to wait a few days-getting my husband to the doctors will be enough fun in the snow today. Tried again to post pictures- still not having any luck- although if you friend me on facebook, you can see some great garden and now snow in NJ, shots. I know there are plenty of crocus just ready to pop their little heads up as soon as this stuff melts- that is if it melts before March! I am sure we will all be complaining about the heat and humidity in a few months. Good time to look at those seed catalogs and plan those fanasty gardens we all hope to acheive! Green Blessings, Susan

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