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Nov 18, 2010

It's official--I'm a farmer! In a shameless bit of self promotion, I thought I'd share an article about my heirloom plant company, Garden Delights, that's appearing in the most recent issue of Urban Farm magazine.


Happy growing!

Farmer Julie


Julie, Congratulations on your publication. I've just revisited your websites, and again find them delightfully entertaining and informative in an easy to read style. I Wish you success in your business endeavor. Stay natural, David
David, thanks so much for the kind words! I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of our oldest son for Thanksgiving, as he's my tech support--and the Garden Delights site is in need of serious updating! He may think he's on a break from college--but unless he can train his 9-year-old sister, 5-year-old brother, or--heaven forbid--me in html, he's going to be working! ;-) (At least we'll feed him welll!) Have a lovely day! Julie
Julie, The article is really nice. I especially like the photo of the tomatoes. I do not have a seedling business, but do start my own and for a few years have been giving IOUs at the holidays for seedlings in spring. I had a coworker ask me this week "How do I get on the plant list?" Its nice to hear that people all over are getting excited about organic and heirloom seedlings, rather than just the home deopt specials. -Johanna
Johanna, what a terrific idea for holiday gifts! I usually start paperwhites to give as little extra holiday gifts to teachers and friends, but I often give heirloom plants as gifts in the spring. Last year, all of the teachers at my daughter's school received a coupon for a free plant--that way, they could pick what they'd like, whether it was a tomato, pepper, herb, etc. It's wonderful how people are excited about heirloom seeds and organic growing. I know your friends will love their coupons--it helps us look forward to spring! Enjoy your growing! (What's you favorite tomato, by the way?) Julie
This question is always a hard one for me, I can never say just one. I really love the Black Russian variety, I could cut these up and eat them with salt and basil all day long. My favorite tomato that I grew for the first time this past summer was the Cosmonaut Volkov. The fruits were very sweet and I had 2 good rounds of production, early and late. Also, I grow lots of Principe Borghese every year both for fresh eating in salads but especially for drying (I've got a lion's share of these stashed right now but I know the supply will be thin by February).
But your site tells me your page doesn't exist? Bummer.
It worked yesterday! I wonder what happened? Amy, you can see the article here: Hope that works--it did when I tried it. Sorry! Julie

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