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seed starting basics

Jan 30, 2011

I have created a very basic explanation about seed starting on my blog. 

I had a very odd experience yesterday while at a garden center (which shall remain nameless).  A young woman walked in while I was looking at some potting items and asked the sales person if she could have some help obtaining some things to start some vegetables from seed.  The salesperson simply said "That aisle over there" and went back to her computer screen.  The young woman looked a little sad and started to walk over to the aisle in question where I was standing also.  She looked discouraged and confused. 

I'm a natural talker so asked her what she was up to and she explained that she had received a beginner seed assortment for the holidays and wanted to see about getting them to grow.  She had never gardened before and didn't really know where to start.

We talked for a little while and I hope that I helped her out a little bit.  So sister, this blog's for you.




That has happen to me too. I will be in the plumbing, hardware or gardening aisle & the confusing, lost look on the person next to me. Someone ask where my name tag was once, I told them I did not work here, I was just a know- it -all. That got me a look, then a thank you.
So true .There are so many people out their who are very keen to grow flowers and vegetable but dont know the basic.
We're fortunate in my area to still have independent nurseries, feed, and garden stores that have knowlegable people who are available and eager to help beginner or seasoned vets with useful and current information about natiral (organic) gardening. Unfortunately one of the finest just had to close. I guess competition from the big box boys was just too much. If one can find a clerk, which is difficult, they often do not have enough training to do more than show where a product is located. KGI is a great resource for us all, and members who garden are inspiration and have answers for any who ask. People say I have a green thumb, but I wasn't born with one. I was taught and continued learning by doing, and learning by mistakes ans success. Support the remaining independent suppliers, growers, and local business as much as possible, because they may not be available when you truly need them. Stay natural, David
Jessica, I love this. It makes absolute sense. Once our seedlings get a little bit bigger, we actually try setting them up for a few days at a time under different windows in the house (I even take some to work and place then in the windowsill on my desk). I guess intuitively we all know that plants are not supposed to live in a completely controlled environment. -Johanna
I wouldn't be the same gardener without having started a lot of seeds indoors. I appreciate seeing your fine tutorial here.
Here's a seedling growing tip that came to me from Japanese growers via ??? When you start seeds successfully & thus have seedlings growing indoors, they do not get the weather stimulation that, in moderation, helps plants become robust: that is, the changes from warm/cool > wet/dry > still-air/breezes. So one thing <these> Japanese growers do is stroke their hands over the tops of growing flats of seedlings, firmly enough to bend the stems slightly, like a breeze. I enjoy stroking the seedlings while inspecting the flats or pots. Small children of the apprentice sort can do this too. :-)

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