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Late Summer in the Mountain West

Sep 06, 2010

Early September and we are harvesting all sorts of garden veg - tomatoes, eggplant, bush beans, herbs, carrots, potatoes, late strawberries, hops, eggplant...  There are lots of tasty recipes to put together, some for now, some preserved for later.  We tried some things for the first time this summer.  We had a modest harvest of potatoes which we are pretty excited about, being total novices in growing spuds.Additionally I have a new garden helper this summer.  My biggest challenge is keeping the harvest out of his mouth!  Funny though, he's yet to tun down any fresh garden goodies and I can't help but let him go to town.I am at work cooking this week, so recipes to follow (kids will eat real food, I promise!)


This helps me recall when my children were very young, sitting in the garden and pulling baby carrots from the soil, wiping the dirt away with their hands and eating them on the spot. We were organic and didn't worry about a little dirt on their hands or in their mouths. They both grew into healthy and intelligent contributing citizens. Thanks for the memories, and let your new helper eat as many fresh, raw vegies as he will. Stay natural, David
I also like the wine containers. When you have time, could you post on Roof top garden,Balcony garden, container group. About your helper eating goodies, I will be 50 this year & still like the veggies raw or steamed. I do not like stewed summer squash, but eat everything that in the garden. It has been that way as long as I can remember. Father grew it with 6 kids & mother cooked & preserved it. We heard the "LIttle Red Hen" story until we dreamed of it. yes the ant & the grasshopper too.

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