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Jul 27, 2011

I’m Jenks Farmer. Yes, it’s very Dickensian - my name is my profession. We’ll sort of. Farming didn’t pay, so for years, I used my creativity to direct two amazing botanical gardens - the only two built in South Carolina in the last century. And I’ve designed plenty of flowery, fluffy gardens for rich people. I grew up on a little country farm, a place that had been a farm since the 1750’s. I know dirt. My forefather’s ruin and lost lots of it. My father started fixing it. Now, we have great tilth! On our little patch of rich, living, red clay, we have a small mail order nursery specializing in the genus Crinum and mixed in those flower fields, rows of healthful vegetables. NOW I"M WRITING: Part of my life mission has been to share plants through writing. I do articles and a bit of fiction. Now, I want to share my love for home veggie gardening and help people, who want to do it, do it. I’m working on a book that is sort of a history of home vegetable gardening. I’m telling it through profiles of the fascinating gardeners many of these people were my mentors or grandparents. Some are current friends and inspirations. Others, from all over the country, represent exceptional styles and techniques not common - but should be. Lots of young gardeners are intimidated, torn between the way things were done and current trends. Understanding booth can lead us to better nutrition, ease home finances and satisfy longing, the need for connections between earth, our bodies and souls. AND LOOKING FOR CONTACTS Lots of people who grow food don’t talk about it a lot. They don’t seek press or have Facebook groups or join organizations such as Kitchen Gardens International. Would you all help me find them? I’m looking for inspirational stories of home vegetable gardeners. Individuals or any sort so of families who; • Have great stories • Produce vegetables at home • Represent a kind of veggie gardening that may be being lost • Use unusual techniques that work well for people who are focused on other things like families, work or such. • Gardeners in places, or use techniques that are on the cutting edge, who may lead us to a place where people in cities or suburbs can grow lots of their own food. I know, I’ll meet more than I can include in a book, but I love meeting people. I know, I have very limited resources so can’t fly around the country to see everyone but I can talk with them. I know they are out there – hands too dirty for computers, heads in the okra, hearts in the right place and willing, maybe even hoping to share their connection, their ideas and their stories.


Hi Jenks. I might have a garden that fits the bill, but am all the way out in Melbourne Australia. You can all that is going on at my site Hope you stop by and say hi. Cheers, Shane

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