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Balcony Garden Chores

Jul 14, 2011

As I may have mentioned before instead of working the land we have a small balcony garden this year, which we are tending to meticulously.

Within the limited space we thought we’d focus on one crop and started growing a few different herbs but after a while felt restless and added some vegetables. Together they seem to be complimenting each other well and are progressing nicely.

Furthermore, it’s been an interesting journey on the balcony where I’ve marveled at how little grounds maintenance work there is. I mean how much weeding, pruning, checking for pests and fungus and watering can you possibly do when there are only a few pots?

Still, we’ve learned that having pots on the balcony means there are a few extra chores that come up, which normally wouldn’t matter outside in a yard but seem to need attention.

First of all sometimes dust from the wind or soil caught in water overflowing from a pot collects around the base of pots and needs to be sponged up. Then there’s the overflowing water itself or plant matter debris that may have fallen onto the floor and needs cleaning.

All in all I have to say its funny how such trivial things have taken over the green thumb mentality at this point. In a real garden getting dirty digging, uprooting weeds and other tasks is one of the highlights of working the land. On the balcony it just seems like we’re cleaning up all the time.

That’s why I’ve come to realize that as long as some days in the yard are, that hard work seems to be the source of a lot of happiness and truly pays off.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying taking time for other projects right now but when we have the chance again we will have our full spread of crops in a true yard. For now I’m enjoying a whole new set of garden observations in our small balcony garden.

Jakob Barry writes for He covers various home improvement topics including eco-friendly house cleaning and gardening services.

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