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Autumn in the Balcony Garden

Oct 27, 2011

As autumn has brought many changes to the outside world my balcony garden seems to be flowing with the times.

After a tough summer with the cherry tomatoes and peppers the foliar feeding seemed to have given them a new lease on life and they gave forth some fruit, though not as much as I would have liked. As for the radishes they were small but the lettuce kept growing and growing and it was great to have in those mid-day tuna or cheese sandwiches.

What really surprised me the most was the state of some of the herbs and I think the fact our balcony has glass retractable windows making it into a sun room (or a sauna if it’s the right time of year) had something to do with it.

The coriander and basil was so-so and the dill grew tall but was a bit lanky yet when the glass was up it seemed like the mint, lavender, and rosemary really took a liking to the heat and made great strides.

I’ve seen the way lavender and rosemary can grow in arid climates so it makes complete sense they thrived on my little balcony.

Tomatoes usually like some heat and why they didn’t do as well I don’t know but these herbs made the whole experience very rewarding.

Meanwhile, I’ll probably do a major clean up in the balcony in a week or so and I can already see it needs a little work. One of the flag stones which makes up the top layer of the concrete floor is popping up. It’s probably a result of excess water which I was constantly trying to prevent from collecting there but obviously had limited success with in doing so.

The windows will also need to be cleaned so the winter sunlight shines in easily and isn’t filtered out by all the summer dust particles that took up residence.

Finally, I may have to borrow a ladder for some siding repair just below the balcony floor. Yes, water damage again but not necessarily from my little garden. We had a lot of precipitation over the last three months and I think that was the main culprit.

Either way, although it’s not my responsibility I told the landlord I’d have a look since I know a thing or two about home improvement.

Hope you have a great rest of the Fall!

Jakob Barry writes for He covers various home improvement topics including fixing concrete water damage and garage door opener repair.


Thanks for will be true that Decks have become important components of the modern home, especially when it comes to remodel or bringing in a new home addition.

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