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Fall is time to plant pansies and mums? Give me Greens

Oct 14, 2010

This is the time of year when the potted mums and pansies are out in full force.  I used to spend tons of money on fall flowers.  Each year I would say it was my last but the urge to go out and dig in the fall garden is too strong.  This year it is edible greens; cabbage, lettuce and broccoli.  I do have some seedlings coming up but I still want the experience of going to the fall market and packing home a flat of plants.

Now I feel that the 'unnecessary expense' is justified because I can eat it, and truthfully, I do enjoy relaxing in my garden more now that the view is edible. 

Here in South Carolina it is likely that I will be able to keep the greens going all through the winter; the kitchen garden is next to the house in a protected area and I may make some row covers around February when we start to have bouts of freezing weather.

So now I sit here impatiently waiting for the sun to come up so that I can go out and perform my fall planting ritual.  I am wondering how the brocoli will look in the planter this year; I am thinking that it needs a pansy for company - after all they are edible.


Roger, the garlic went in during the waning moon just after October 1st. It is mandatory at our house. I just can't imagine having dirt somewhere and not having garlic in it.
What a super turn around in your thinking! The broccoli will be beautiful in the planter, especially with a few pansies for contrast. Different colored kale and lettuce will add to your visual and gastronomical pleasure. Enjoy your garden as long as weather allows. Stay natural, David
This is the type of thinking - fall is for mums - that needs to be turned on its head. Fall is greens and garlic!

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