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School Gardens update-Our first school grown lunch!

Apr 14, 2011

School Gardens are feeding us, the kids love it!

Here at the Hyampom school gardens in Northern California we are eating our first meal on April 4th , 2011.  We started the school garden in January shortly after the semester began. We have been eating salads now for a couple weeks which has been quite the feat as it has been a very cold winter/spring in Northern California. But with the help of our little green house and cloches we have lots of lettuce, spinach and Bock Choy.  

Today we just had our first real meal of Spinach Calzones.  The Hyampom school garden provided the spinach and the salad. Farmer Dave’s organic gardening  provided the wheat for the bread and the cheddar cheese was provided by the  family milk cow Hazel!

The kids loved the feast and I must say when it is not homegrown most of these kids are not very enthusiastic about salad or any good organic food.  So I see a real change in their tastes and attitudes as the garden grows which gives me a great sense of accomplishment as their organic gardening instructor.

Serena the teacher and Cindy the cook were very discouraged about the quality of the food and the resistance of the administration to let them purchase good food. So they asked me to help them grow some good organic food and to teach the kids how to do grow their own food.

It is so important for kids to learn where there food comes from and to learn how to grow it. Even if we could depend on industrial agriculture and the diesel truck deliveries forever (which we can't),  there is a missing link when people don’t actually know where their food comes from and how to produce it. This missing link is something that leaves many people depressed and questioning their very existence.

Living sustainably and growing my own food is more than just a way to get cheap and high quality food it is a way to find balance and harmony with the earth. Teaching and sharing these simple living skills and homesteading books is a way to share the joys of the earth and to help bring sanity and balance back into this beautiful worldly creation.

It is crucial that people especially children get a chance to feel the earth under their feet and to get their hands in the soil. It is amazing to see the joy these school kids get when they taste the first leaves of spinach and really grow some of their own food.

Wonders never cease when they find some eggs in the hen house instead of the grocery store. 

I never got a chance to grow my own food or squeeze milk from a cow when I grew up. When I realized how important it was I just had to share it with my own children and now I love to teach it and share it with others. 

If you would like to know how to grow great organic gardens and to see how our family does it, check out my Victory Garden ebook.  It will give you a great start and a victory in your life.
It is a great time to start your own vegetable garden and to reclaim the American Dream!
Farmer Dave



what a wonderful gift you are giving to those kids...

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