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Purslane eat it or weed it?

Jul 28, 2010

Purslane is a tasty (at least some think) little weed with some good nutritional value, but how much can you really eat? When visitors come to our homestead farm and ask if there is anything they can help with I often direct them to our least favorite past time, weeding purslane. Most of the time they inform me that purslane is edible. My favorite reply is how much can you eat, how about a wheel barrow worth a day? The only one that I know that can do that is our milk cow so there is some worth to it but I would rather cut her alfalfa. If you like purslane be aware it is very tenacious, can choke out tastier vegetables that you want to grow, has lots of very viable seeds, comes back from the roots, comes back from small pieces (beware of tilling or chopping it) and can be weeded out and left in the sun and it can still go to seed a month later, its succulent qualities insure its survival. I weed it into a bucket, and take it out of the garden. After years and years of persistent weeding it is somewhat under control but still the main weed that I spend time weeding out of my garden beds. So if you really like purslane be careful where you grow it and don't let it go to seed or it will surely become a weed.
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