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A Will to Live

Oct 28, 2011


A Survival Story

I took a few pictures today of plants in my Small Kitchen Garden. These endured over 72 days of 100f./38c.temperatures and months of neglect due to personal complications. I gave them up for dead by August. They had a will to live and fought back to survive the brutal conditions afforded them. I must admit these living things impressed me even more than I would have thought. I'm convinced the Earth will survive in spite of us. They have also increased my will to be a be better steward of my life and surroundings. They were only fertilized with compost tea from the home pile and the worm bin. This also kept my lawn alive during the harsh weather conditions.


A volunteer hanging on a tomato cage





Good morning David. I hope you are well. I still love looking at photo,s of what other people are doing in their gardens, around the world. We had our first frost last week, but now we are back to misty moisty mornings with heavy a dew on everything. It looked like a nice white Aubergine [Eggplant to you] i think. I,ve given up growing aubergines. I can get the plants to survive but the crops are so pathetic it hardly seems worth the effort. No gardening for me today as we are delivering letters in the rough part of town. Should be fun. As you always say 'Stay Natural' and stay healthy. Regards Glenn
Hi Glenn, yes the white aubergine is "Casper"; I suppose after the "friendly ghost". It's a small mild tasting fruit with few seeds. The maturing tomatoes are Shasha's Altai. Lots of blooms that will not have time to produce. Plenty of greens, mostly chard, to enjoy as a side or added to soups and stews for winter. Stay natural, David
Good to see photos of your garden David. I often think we gardeners take too much credit for what happens all on its own! Your greens look so good, and that is a great looking eggplant. We get bacterial wilt in the solanacea family,and every time I get a good looking eggplant growing it keels over. I have been growing them in pots in coir, but even then they dont thrive. I had a volunteer grow and produce well in the front garden though - it obviosuly also had a will to live! Take care, Gillian
It's really a charm to watch your kitchen garden. The veggies and the flowers are so tempting.

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