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Jul 01, 2010


While sitting on my back porch (I call a covered area a porch, uncovered a patio, when attached to a house) drinking a cup of good dark coffee and looking at the area in early light, many thoughts filled my mind.  The neighbor’s large yellow cat was strolling along the top of the fence, White Winged Doves that moved this far north about 8 years ago, Cardinals, Blue Jays, many sparrows, and wrens flocked to the feeders, while Robins scoured the ground and Mockingbirds dived from their perches to capture their prey. Squirrels frolicked up and down the trees.

We’ve had about 3” rain over the last 3 days and expect more showers this week, so all plant are shiny green.  The rain broke our June heat wave and July is starting below 80 f. at night.

Will plant more okra, Malabar Spinach, lettuce, radishes, chard, 3 or 4 more tomatoes, and green beans for fall harvest.

I’m “fixin to”, Texas talk for some day whenever I get around to it, make planting beds on each side of the entrance to the storage shed, perhaps for asparagus, or flowers, or whatever suits my fancy at the time.

Life’s been good to me and there’s still so much to do.  I just do things at a slower pace.

Bare, the younger dog came out and chased the squirrels.  I really think they’re friends playing a game.  Agape, the older dog was still sleeping.  She sleeps a lot as she ages.

I think of all the unfortunate people of the world, who are hungry, displaced from their homes, and living with disease due to abject poverty, no fault of their own.

Kitchen Gardeners have a tie to the earth that gives some inner peace and reflection.

Stay natural,




Hi David I thought i would post this picture here. It seemed fitting.
Thanks Glenn. What a beautiful setting and a timeless blessing. So cool looking and inviting. A relaxing spot for reflections. I would enjoy the cool, since it's 106 f. in the shade of my back porch today and may be 107 tomorrow. Stay natural, David

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