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just waiting

Apr 28, 2010

One of the dogs and I in front of the garlic patch, just waiting.  The garlic should be ready to harvest in about a month; still enjoying lettuce planted  in late fall, watching the tomato plants begin to grow, and new seedlings pop through the soil surface.  Waiting is hard when you're eagerly anticipating the taste and health benefits of home grown foods.  My garden is small, but highly productive due to intensive and succesion planting.  Raised beds work for me, and make my life more enjoyable.  Organic, natural, gardening is the best way to go.

A wonderful wife, good dogs, neighbors, and children who loved you make aging maybe the best part of living.  Aches and pains seem relatively unimportant.

Stay natural,



What a healthy and positive attitude you have David. May your garlic be yummy!
We are also in waiting mode...but we're waiting for some of that sunshine you seem to be basking in. I was thinking of going out and giving swimming lessons to our tomato plants.....
I'm happy that you now have sunshine, so you will not have to give your tomato plants swimming lessons for survival. I hear there is a lot of sun in Italy as it is in Texas. Our temperature goes well over 100f many days in the summer. How are the summer temperatures in your part of the country? I've only heard raves about the food in Italy. Stay natural, David
-- is that good advice always seems to come in sets of matched opposite pairs. In this case the two opposites would be -- "Carpe Diem" or "Sieze the day!" and "All things come to him who waits." Sorry about that -- but when I saw that two of my favorite subscription posters were on the same page at the same time I couldn't resist! Of course the resolution would be, "Unto everything there is a season," or "There is a time & a place for everything." Your friend, I hope ... :-) JS

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