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ISERI-CIEDM Party on Changing the Way We Eat - Eating Smart

Jan 16, 2012

Event Anouncement Objectives Today, 16 January 2012, is a US natioanl holiday, the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Services. It is also the day when the United Nations officially launchs the campaign of the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All. In addition, a number of groups are calling the nationwide days of action to campaign a consititutional amendment for limiting the corportion's spending on politics. In respond to the call for campaign, Dr. King's call for community services and the UN's call for world wide supports for sustainable energy consumption, ISERI & CIEDM will voluntarily host the subject community education event in 2012. Description It is a home party to celebrate the Lunar Year of Dragon, a viewing party to watch a webcast titled Changing the Way We Eat. The webcast is a part of TEDxManhattan's national event and ISERI with CIEDM is serving as an independent local event sponsor to raise community awareness of the need for sustainable food and farming that significantly affect the energy uses. It is also an organizing party to raize community awareness of a national day of actions to push back against the corporate takeover of our democracy, especially on food safety and nutrition information. 21 January 2012 is the two-year anniversary of the Supreme Court's Citizens United v. FEC ruling, which allows unlimited corporate spending in elections. The food industry has used its political clout in Congress to slow progress on food safety or nutrition questions. The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has, with dozens of other health, environmental, political reform and consumer organizations, has signed the United for The People campaign aiming at toppling the Supreme Court's ruling that has watered down the federal nutrition standards for school foods. We support the campaign because there is too much industrial money in food politics, and the pary will be a part of national wide parties for the campaign. Date Saturday 21 Januray 2012, the day before Chinese New Year Eve. Venue Arcadia EcoHome, Arcadia, California. It is a certified green building with a Victory garden,an organic orchard & vegetable garden operated by Dr. Edward Huang, a member of the Kitchen Gardeners International. The garden is also certified as a Wildlife Habitat, Pollinator Garden and Ocean Friendly Garden that supply healthy foods year round to pollinators and wildlifes. Sponsors - International Scholars and Entrepreneurs Research Institute - California Institute of Environmental Design & Management Guests By invitation only Program 1:30pm -- Hand-on work at Arcadia EcoHome Victory Garden 3:30pm -- Reviewing progress on collection of environmental/garden art projects 4:15pm -- Viewing TEDxManhattan webcast titled Changing the Way We Eat 6:00pm -- Serving vegetarian dinner & fresh fruits from the Garden 8:00pm -- Adjourn Contact Edward Huang ???, Phd, AICP, LEED AP, CGBP, CGREP KGI Kitchen Gardner

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