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CIEDM Meetups for 2011 World Environment Day & World Ocean Day

Jun 06, 2011

Staring this past weekend, CIEDM, a KGI member, has engaged its 2011 Meetups for World Environment Day on Sunday, June 5 & World Ocean Day on Wednesday, June 8. The event includes following activities through the week of June 4-11: 1. On Saturday, June 4, CIEDM personnel including Dr. Edward Huang ??? attended the Ocean Friendly Garden class in City Hall of Manhattan Beach, California, sponsored by South Bay Environmental Services Center and Surfrider Foundation, a NPO devoted to protect & preserve our oceans & beaches. We chatted with Paul Herzog to express our interest in supporting their services to the San Gabriel Valley, the upstream portion of the San Gabriel Revier Watershed. We also visited & studies the water-wise & bio-friendly features of the landscaped sculpture garden of the City Hall. 2. On Sunday 5, June 2011, the World Environment Day, CIEDM personnel & friends engaged cleaning, planting and enhancement activities at Arcadia EcoHome's yards following the Ocean Friendly Garden's criteria, with the objective to earn an Ocean Friendly Garden sign for the yard. The yard is currently a registered Victory Grden with VGF and also a Certified Wildlife Habitat by NWF. 3. On Wednesday, World Ocean Day, Dr. Huang will lead a Phonenix Satellite TV crew to visit a number of places in Arcadia, where CIEDM is based, for a special edition on Arcadia, including the Los Angeles County Arboretum Garden and Arcadia Wash that runs to the SG River & eventually to the Ocean. 4. In the morning of Saturday, June 11, CIEDM personnel will attend the Smart Gardening Workshop at Valleydale Park, Azusa, sponsored by the Los Angeles County Public Work Department, to observe such ways to improve our ecosystem as composting, worm composting, grasscycling, water-wise and fire-wise gardening. Improvements to the Victory Garden per smart gardening techniques by CIEDM staff & friends are planned in the afternoon.

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